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Chris Fletcher - House Inspection Gold Coast

House Inspection Gold Coast

Chris Fletcher started working in the construction industry in 1981. He is a licensed builder (QBCC 656036), carpenter and residential building inspector Gold Coast.

Chris has in-depth knowledge and experience of the construction of new homes and building renovation. He also has completed trade qualifications in architectural coatings and fire safety.

Currently, he is active in building inspection reports and building consultation as well as rectification and renovation in the building inspection Gold Coast area.

He is well suited to the investigation and documentation of a property’s condition in Gold Coast building inspections. This gives the property sellers and buyers peace of mind and confidence when making important decisions regarding their biggest asset.

All work is completed in accordance with Australian Standards, A.S. 4349.1.

Our company, House Inspection Gold Coast works in conjunction with other industry professionals such as:

  • Architects and designers
  • Engineers
  • Certifiers
  • Trades People
  • Fire safety experts
  • WH&S Experts

House inspection Gold Coast has now completed many reports that have assisted our clients in identifying things such as:

  • structural defects
  • safety hazards
  • substandard work
  • conditions conducive to damage.

To enable us to identify faults with a property, we have invested in the right training and resources.

Some of the equipment used are:

  • thermal imaging cameras
  • state of the art moisture detection metres
  • powerful visual aids and access equipment.

This allows us to complete a pre-purchase building inspection in its entirety. From the subfloor right through to the roof cavity, our inspections are conducted meticulously, leaving no stone unturned and a comprehensive inspection report for clients to easily understand.

We can assist in estimates for rectification works. This enables potential purchasers with a budget for work to be brought up to standard or places our clients in a position to negotiate a sale price and allow such rectification work to be carried out.

Because our building inspectors are still active in the construction industry they possess up-to-date knowledge of standards, procedures and costs related to repairs.

House inspection Gold Coast has a long history on the Gold Coast (since 1981) such a long history has enabled us to form good relationships with other trusted firms and professionals.

This allows us to conduct our building and pest inspections, pre-purchase inspections, defect and handover reports and the like with the confidence that we are providing our clients with the right advice and an easy to understand reporting system that makes identifying whether a property is structurally sound and worthwhile investing in or not.

We are a family business that has been involved in the construction industry on the Gold Coast for decades and as a result, we have obtained a rapport with other construction industry experts.

For all aspects of construction and consultation, House Inspection Gold Coast is ready to help.