Building Inspections on the Gold Coast

Claigh and I headed down the coast last weekend. We had a few goals on the agenda.

  1. Was to get some waves.
  2. Was to see Gma and Riley.
  3. Was to see how the Caravelle would go.
  4. Was to drum up some business for pre-purchase building inspections on the Gold Coast.

Our first stop was Cabarita. There was a small wave right in the corner. Neither of us had surfed this part of Caba before. There was a small crew, mainly young blokes and one building inspector from the Gold Coast. Our next stop was the Brunswick Pub for a feed. We were in luck as they had a two for one pizza specials on. We watched the first half of the footy and looked around the old Brunswick Pub and did a mock review. We pretended to be a client who was looking for a service. We made believe that we were that client doing a Google search. What would we search? Would it be building inspectors Gold Coast? Or building inspection Gold Coast? How about Gold Coast building inspections? Or building and pest inspection Gold Coast? We decided on pre-purchase building inspections Gold Coast.

As we entered the keywords, one business stood out. House inspection Gold Coast. These guys looked good. Four five star reviews, and a long time in the building game. This was what we are after. Professional and reliable. We pretended to engage the services of this Gold Coast building inspection firm and conduct a pre-purchase building inspection.

We left the Brunswick Pub and drove to Scott’s head. We arrived at midnight. In the morning, we woke to a beautiful day and calm conditions. The point was hardly breaking but we noticed a crew of surfers down the beach a bit, so we headed down there. When we arrived at the car park, there were several vehicles parked there and I was quite surprised to see a sign on one of the vans that read,” building and pest inspectors Gold Coast”. This was a real coincidence, I thought. Here I was, four hours from home and this person offered the same services that I did. They did Gold Coast building inspections.

We surfed for a couple of hours. The conditions were magic.

It was time to put some time in on the road as we needed to get to Sydney by 7 pm and we wanted to get another surf in. As I was driving I kept thinking about the sign on the side of the van in the car park. I wondered if I searched his business would I find it?

I asked Claigh to search building inspection Gold Coast on the iPad. He couldn’t locate the business on those keywords so I said, “ Try building inspectors Gold Coast.” He had more luck this time. Up popped his business name and services in bold letters. PRE PURCHASE BUILDING INSPECTIONS GOLD COAST stood out. He was getting some good exposure I thought. I wondered if it transferred into jobs for him?

Back on the road, we headed for Foster. We stopped to grab some organic fruit for Claigh. I bought a cup of coffee and a pie and we put in another four hours on the road. We asked Johnny Mathers where he thought it might be a good place for a surf as he grew up in the area. He suggested the rock pool at Tuncurry. We had a look but it was too small so we headed for Pacific palms, about 20 km out of foster.

There were a few nice beaches in the area. We chose the boomerang beach. There was a good right-hander up the southern end. We both had some fun waves then hit the road once more and ended up in Bondi at about 7 pm