Report Types

Pre purchase building inspections identify any structural deformation and defects as well as defects to primary and secondary elements of a building and conditions that are conducive to further damage.

These reports can be useful in budgeting for improvements and negotiating a sale price.

Our building inspectors use thermal imaging cameras, highly sensitive moisture meters and specialised equipment to report on the property.

Pre-sale condition reports
Inspectors identify the condition of your property. These reports are particularly useful when preparing a building for sale

Handover/defects reports
These reports are recommended prior to a client making a final payment to a builder or developer. The report insures that the customer gets what they paid for and the supplier delivers a superior product. They identify any substandard workmanship or missing elements

Pest infestation reports
These reports can be part of a combined building and pest report. Experts identify the presence of termites, borers and other pests. We use sophisticated detection equipment for an investigation like thermal imaging cameras optical borer-scopes, acoustic emissions and radar technology.

Pool fencing safety reports
Pools on the Gold Coast must be in compliance with state and federal laws. We can issue you with compliance certification as well as carry out any necessary rectification work.

Fire safety reports
We can conduct fire safety audits for your property. Legislation requires fire safety implementation in all homes in Queensland.

Owner builder reports
These reports assist the owner-builder when undertaking an owner builder project. We offer consultation, project management and can liaise with industry professionals on our client’s behalf.

Tenant exit reports
Our inspectors document the condition of the property when a lease is completed. These reports assist landlords, tenants and managers in gauging the condition of the property with respect to damage, wear and tear and provide practical solutions.

Tenant entry condition:
These reports assist tenants in documenting the condition of a report prior to their occupation. This is an unbiased report showing evidence of existing conditions in conjunction with photographs.

Body corporate reports
These reports are conducted by our inspectors on behalf of the body corporate of units, complexes and the like. They refer to the common areas of the property and report back to the body corporate with a condition report and estimates for repair and maintenance programs.


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