Building Defect and Handover Reports


Property owners become over excited when their builder finally completes a brand new building for them. Yes, it’s a memorable moment that can make anyone overwhelmed with the shine of a fresh interior and gorgeous look of the exterior. However, even a newly built home can have defects. It can be a structural, cosmetic, technical or some type of other defect.

Our licensed and highly experienced building defect inspectors in Gold Coast can provide you with an accurate report after a thorough inspection of your property. It not only helps you save on extra after delivery expenses, it also ensures you get proper value of your money.

During the defect inspection, our experts will examine any construction or finishing defect present in the building. After completion, we will provide you with an easy to understand report in simple language that explains to you the important issues that you need to focus on.

Often, prior to a final payment being made to a builder, clients will request a defect or handover report.

Our building inspectors conduct reports that identify workmanship that is considered shoddy or substandard.

As with pre purchase building inspection reports, these inspections, give clients some leverage in that any defects have to be attended to by the builder/developer before the final funds are paid.

These reports are not conducted in an attempt to gain a perfect finish as there can never be such a thing, however, industry standards and tolerances are to be kept in order to arrive at a satisfactory position for both client and builder.

At House Inspection Gold Coast, we have conducted many thorough and comprehensive defect and handover reports for clients who have purchased properties from some of the Gold Coast leading developers and have achieved satisfactory outcomes for both parties. Our process involves identifying defects and blemishes of the interior and exterior of newly completed homes. The inspections take place on site, often with both parties in attendance.

Our inspectors will identify a defect by using a removable sticker and place it adjacent to the defect and number it. The defect is then photographed.

When the thorough inspection is completed all the information is correlated and uploaded onto a report. The report identifies the defect, shows its location on the building and has a photograph of it to explain the nature of the fault.

These unbiased reports are indisputable and are beneficial to both parties in that the client receives the product that they initially required whilst the builder is able to produce a superior product to what was initially delivered.

We are available 24/7 throughout the year. So, before you make the final payment to your builder, go for a thorough building defect inspection and handover report for properties in Gold Coast.