Combined Building and Pest Inspections

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As per statistics provided by survey companies, property damage of around $100 million is done by termites in Australia every year. So, it is always crucial that you get a thorough combined building and pest inspection conducted for your property.

We have a team of experts equipped with the latest tools to provide you with a thorough combined building and pest inspections. They can guide you with future susceptibility of pest infestation so that you can be alerted with the problems of your home. All inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards.

It has long been said that if you haven’t found any termites or pests when conducting a combined building and pest inspection on the Gold Coast, you haven’t been looking hard enough!

The subtropical climate of the Gold Coast can provide ideal conditions for termites, borers and other pests, especially when combined with substandard building construction methods or undetected water leaks.

Subterranean pests such as white ants can feast on the building’s timber frame and components and render a structure useless. All the while, going undetected. For this reason, a combined building and pest inspection is highly recommended.

We have experts in the field of building construction as well as pest control, identification and management. Our inspectors use the latest equipment in order to detect the presence of pests in a structure. Tools such as thermal imaging cameras, optical borescopes, acoustic ignition devices and radar technology are used for pest detection. House Inspection Gold Coast has two experts working in unison when conducting combined building and pest inspections thus insuring a thorough investigation. Pest infestation can be catastrophic in terms of the buildings structural integrity.

The cost involved in repairing damage to a property’s frame can be prohibitive. Some buildings are so badly affected they need to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch.

It is for this reason that we highly recommend a combined building and pest inspection when buying a property.

Generally,  when a property contract is signed there is a clause that states that the sale of the property is subject to a building and pest inspection as well as finance, etc. Often it is a 14 day period to have the inspections completed.

This is the time to contact us at House Inspection Gold Coast. The reports give expert advice in easy to understand terms. Our reports are generally completed within 24 hours and at very competitive prices