Pre-Purchase Building Inspections


Having an eye-catching appearance doesn’t indicate a sound building structure. A proper pre-purchase building inspection is the most reliable process of analysing every part of a structure and knowing its condition. When it comes to building and pest inspection Gold Coast try our pre-purchase building inspections Gold Coast.

Our trained, licensed and experienced building inspectors in Gold Coast will investigate a property’s condition from top to bottom and report on the building’s condition. This will assist property buyers in determining whether they are investing in the right property.

We are one of the Gold Coast’s premier building inspections service providers and offer our clients a quality service at a very reasonable price, try our pre-purchase building inspections Gold Coast.

Our primary aim is to provide our clients with a comprehensive report on any type of structure deformation, damage or defect.

Undertaking a pre purchase inspection offers our clients peace of mind when buying a home.

It is a stressful time and having our experts evaluate a property gives our clients an unbiased and independent view of the home’s condition.

Our primary focus is the structural integrity of the building.

As we are licensed builders (QBCC 656036) with nearly 40 years experience in the construction industry, our inspectors know what to look for. Using the latest equipment, including thermal imaging cameras, highly sensitive moisture meters and tools we thoroughly examine the structure from head to toe.

Typically, we will inspect the exterior of the building including roof and then the interior, subfloor and roof cavity. We inspect the boundary fence and all structures on the property such as sheds, garages and the like. We look for deformities and defects to primary and secondary elements of the building and conditions that may be conducive to future damage.

Having our inspectors conduct a pre-purchase building inspection has saved our clients time and money.

Just as you would engage the services of a general practitioner or medical specialist if there was something wrong with your health and require a check up, our inspectors do likewise with your home. These type of inspections are ones that we mainly conduct and as a result our process is maintained to a high standard and the report is easy to understand. They are written in every day terms and are accompanied by photographs taken at the time of inspection.

A valuable and highly recommended investigation into the purchase of your new home, pre purchase building inspections are a necessity for anyone contemplating buying a residence or commercial property .

Our building inspectors always focus on creating simple to understand reporting that may assist in negotiation or budgeting. Call us now on 0401 835 005 for a free quote.