Pre purchase building inspection should identify Structural integrity

Today’s blog will relate to investigating something that your pre purchase building inspection should identify. Structural cracking and movement is a defect that seriously comprises buildings structural integrity.

Our building and pest inspectors diligently investigate for such problems. Certain parts of the Gold Coast have a large number of properties that are affected by structural cracking and movement.

In the earlier years of development on the Gold Coast, areas adjacent to the newly formed canals were cleared of the native tea tree and sheoak.

During earthworks to form blocks of land to be built on, the trees and shrubs that were cleared, sometimes became part of the soil that homes were later built upon.

Over time, any timber that was part of the substrate broke down and voids were formed in the earth.

If a footing or raft slab no longer had support because a void that had formed underneath it, movement occurred and cracking of slabs and brick/ blockwork became evident. Incidents of this were particularly high in the Palm Beach and Mermaid Waters areas.

A pre purchase building inspection is highly recommended for any purchase and these types of defects give an example of why building inspections on the Gold Coast are so important.

Other reasons why cracking of concrete can occur are shrinkage during setting, inadequate support, thermal movement, foundation movement and corrosion of steel reinforcement.

Slight cracks may end up allowing the egress of moisture to the reinforcement and progressively create corrosion.

Our building inspectors will identify and report on cracking and defects to masonry caused by foundation-related movement. They will explain that diagonal cracks most commonly occur at the corners of the buildings. Cracking will tend to be wider at the top of the wall and narrow down at the bottom. However, in a straight wall with no openings, there is a tendency for the cracks to occur at a point one third or the distance along the wall.

Diagonally stepped cracking can be localised cracking which forms in masonry walls in the vicinity of removed trees and shrubs. The cracking is often diagonally stepped and will tend to form around openings or other points of weakness in the building. In extreme cases, the wall may rotate and twist considerably.

A pre purchase building inspection will also identify any areas of clogged or vertical cracks. When these are evident in a building, there has been an addition keyed into the existing structure. Where there has been a rotational effect, stepped diagonal cracks may occur, especially around openings.

At House Inspection Goldcoast, we go over buildings with a fine-toothed comb.

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