Pre-purchase inspections

Today we will be presenting some information for those that are involved in purchasing a property here on the Gold Coast and are interested in having us at House Inspection Gold Coast provide a comprehensive Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection.

All our reports adhere to AS 4349.1-2007, Inspection of Buildings, Part 1: Pre Purchase Inspections- Residential Buildings.

When we undertake our inspections, we as professionals we ensure that we provide due care and skill as we carry out the inspection and write an accurate report.

Our clients receive advice from our Gold Coast Building Inspectors that provides an expert analysis of the Building and site at the time of inspection.

The reports cover’s any structural damage, conditions that are conducive to structural damage, any major defect in the condition of secondary elements and finishing elements, minor defects and any serious safety hazards.

Unless otherwise instructed, the inspections are not invasive. That is, wall sheets for example are not forcefully removed so as to expose a water leak in a bathroom.

We can provide that service, however, by using our state of the art electronic moisture meters and thermal imaging equipment, will indicate whether or not such an action is necessary.

A building inspector on the Gold Coast will give a prospective purchaser peace of mind knowing that a comprehensive building and pest inspection has identified any possible problems that may or may not exist with the property.

Key to a thorough report is access. If any areas of the property are unable to be accessed, it is difficult to provide conclusive evidence.

If you are wanting a building inspection on the Gold Coast, a pre engagement inspection agreement is also a good idea. Many problems that arise between Gold Coast building inspectors and their clients are due to a misunderstanding of what is actually being provided in a building and pest report.

The best way to stop any disputes is for the client and the inspector to enter into a written agreement. This way, both parties have the same understanding as to what service is being provided.

Building inspections on the Gold Coast are a worthwhile exercise. It has long been recognised that there is significant sub terrarium activity in the form of termites. As vast areas of tea tree swamp ware cleared for housing in some areas. Trees and their roots were often buried to become part of the fill.

Not only did this activity provide a food source for the termites, as the roots and trees broke down, they created voids under the ground and building that were erected above them no longer had the required support. The building then became subject to movement. As a building moves, structural damage can occur.

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