The investment that you make when having a building inspection carried out by House Inspection Gold Coast is potentially the best investment you will ever make.

We take the guesswork out of buying a property on the Gold Coast by offering you an expert opinion on the condition of your property. In order to conduct our reports we draw on our near 40 year involvement in the construction industry. We have positioned ourselves as building inspectors at the forefront of the industry by giving our clients the most thorough and meticulous report possible.

Our pricing has long been the best possible value-for-money service available. House Inspection Gold Coast relies on its reputation as a leader in the market and in doing so can provide professional, unbiased and independent reports on a property for as little as $200.

Considering the cost of repairs to properties currently, these building inspection reports are a necessity.

Our pre purchase building inspections start from $300 depending on the type of property and it’s location. The expertise that our clients receive when we identify structural integrity and deformations of a home or commercial building is excellent value for money.

Generally, the cost of engaging two independent inspectors for building and pest inspections can be expensive. At House Inspection Gold Coast, we offer discounts for combined building and pest inspections. Our clients receive reports from licensed professionals in the form of pest management and control experts as well as a licensed builders. Inspectors are actively involved in the industry and are witness to conditions and practices that make pest infestation and property destruction prevalent on the Gold Coast. Combined building and pest inspections are conducted for as little as $500.

Building defects and handover reports give our clients peace of mind that they have received their property in the finished state that they expect. For as little as $200, our building inspectors will document and report any below standard finishes or shoddy workmanship prior to the final payment being made to the builder/developer. This enables the client to have some leverage in ensuring that any defects are fixed prior to them taking possession. Our reports are an expert view of what is considered acceptable for standards in the industry.

Avoid buying a home that is going to leave you unsatisfied by engaging a professional.

Our building inspectors are all licensed professionals committed to offering an excellent service at a reasonable price.

House Inspection Gold Coast, expert advice and knowledge. We are here to help!

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Starting From

$ 300

Combined Building and Pest Inspections

Starting From

$ 500

Building Defect and Handover Reports

Starting From

$ 200