The latest in high tech equipment for building inspection gold coast

Home buyers in the market in South East Queensland can rest assured that House Inspection Gold Coast can offer the latest in high tech equipment. When our inspectors carry out a pre purchase building inspection on a clients potentially new home, we use the latest tools to gather information that will assist with determining whether or not a property is in reasonable condition for its age or not. One such tool is the Moisture Encounter Plus by Tramex Whilst they are not inexpensive, they more than make up for the huge savings in detected hidden leaks behind wall linings. These highly sensitive pieces of equipment assist our Gold Coast Building Inspectors in exposing faults that potentially could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. This is the type of equipment that makes Home Inspection Gold Coast one of the premier Building Inspectors on the Gold Coast The MEP from Tramex enables non-invasive moisture measurement and detection in a many and varied range of building materials. These include wood and timber products, concrete , fibre cement, plasterboard, ceramic tiles, plaster and brick to mention a few. Acceptable moisture levels vary amongst materials and these moisture meters allow our Building and Pest Inspectors to be very accurate when they are conducting a pre purchase building inspection on the Gold Coast. Scale 1 on the tool deals with the moisture content of timber. The moisture reading is displayed between 5% and 30%. Acceptable levels of moisture depend on climatic conditions. Different areas will have different acceptable levels. As a general rule, exterior wood is considered safe for painting when the moisture level is 14% or below. Interior wood below 10% Below, we have listed some often quoted percentages by the wood industry that Gold Coast Building Inspectors can rely on. Furniture: 5-6% where used in locations of relative low humidity and up to 10-11% in areas of higher relative humidity. Interior wood: 6% ( low humidity)  12% ( higher humidity) Exterior wood: 10-15% depending on local humidity levels Generally, the wood moisture content in excess of 23-25% is susceptible to rot. Wood moisture content in excess of 18-20% may provide an environment for termites and wood-boring insects to thrive and multiply. Wood at these high levels can also support mould and biological growth. Wood at 28% moisture content is considered to have reached fibre saturation point. When conducting a pre purchase building inspection on the Goldcoast, it is advisable to have your building and pest inspection include these highly sensitive and accurate pieces of equipment.

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